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Commercial Drywall Installation & Repair in Aurora IL

Commercial drywall installation is likely the most popular form of wall that gets installed in commercial buildings and office spaces.  Aside from brick walls, it can be tailored to show off your particular character, personality, and flare and it insulates well and gets installed relatively quickly.  

Some enthusiasts have successfully hung drywall in their home, but putting up drywall in a commercial setting requires a different scope of attention and should be done by your experienced local drywall contractor.  There are so many circumstances that can arise and having the skill set and team to address those scenarios is what separates the professionals from the handymen.

When hiring a commercial drywall installer, here are a few things you can expect:


Professionally installed drywall should look seamless throughout, meaning that you shouldn’t see any signs of taping, compound, blistering, cracking, fissures, screw heads, or waviness.  The entire wall should appear as if it were one giant sheet of drywall that was perfectly measured and installed just for that wall.

A good commercial drywall contractor knows how to spot pitfalls before they come up, he can address them during sheetrock installation and then can hide the imperfections as they come up.  Because there is so much square footage in commercial walls, these small things really add up when hanging sheetrock in a commercial space.


This is not something that your local drywall contractor can buy, experience takes years to develop and craft, and for that reason, your contractor should be able to give you thoughts on the most efficient way to get your drywall installed as quickly and cheaply as possible.  

Your contractor should also provide guidance on different finishes and designs for your project and should walk you through the entire process and properly set expectations for timing, budges and workmanship.  Expertise isn’t only about their ability to hang drywall but it’s also about business acumen. You don’t want a handyman who comes once a week while he tries to juggle several other commercial drywall hanging projects, you need a professional crew that does what they say they’ll do, all at a fair rate.


Local drywall installers have relationships with local suppliers and they can pass on the savings to you.  Not only do they pass on cost savings, but they should operate at efficiencies of scale and be able to perform an installation job at a fast pace.  Fast shouldn’t compromise quality, but it should mean that their crew can operate much like an assembly line in terms of efficient production. Though they have more men as overhead, their overall labor cost should be lower to you because of the increased efficiency.  

Our Company

George’s Drywall and Paint has been successfully performing commercial drywall installation projects throughout Aurora and the surrounding area.  Each of our drywall services are based on superior craftsmanship and structural excellence. We believe in exceeding our clients expectations on each and every project.  This starts from our initial conversations to learning more about your project continued through the execution of our work.

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