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Drywall Hanging, Installation & Repair

Through our years of practice and experience, we've become especially good at drywall hanging, installation and repair.  Our expertise doesn't only start from the time we arrive to your home or office, but from the moment you call us.

We take the time to ask the right questions about your particular job so we understand the scope of work and what's needed to get the job done right and as quickly as possible.

Though we work mainly in the Aurora area, our territory tends to be mostly the western and southern suburbs of Chicago, and oftentimes we will even take on some jobs in the city.

Drywall hanging and repair is our bread and butter and we do it well.  We go through a process that we feel works well for our clients and for us at the same time.  Here is how we typically go about our jobs:

  1. Understanding the scope of work - its imperative that we understand what the results you are trying to achieve so we are happy to visit your home or office to get a better understanding.  Making a visit also helps us in quoting the project as precisely as possible and allows you to get the most aggressive pricing possible from us.
  2. Materials - gathering all the material and having everything available from the second we start will keep the entire project constantly moving towards completion.  By anticipating any issues that can arise in the job, we stay ahead of any bumps or challenges that can arise and we save time and money by not having to stop for tools or material.  Having the right tools, and enough material for the job is more than half the battle when meeting job deadlines.
  3. Preparation - we are all about safety for both you and our team, this means that not only will we have the right safety gear, but we'll also make sure that the surrounding work area is clear before and after every work day to prevent accidents.  Additionally, we'll perform prep work to cover up electrical and plumbing lines with nail protector plates.  We do this for several reasons but mostly to ensure that we aren't drilling or nailing into utility lines.  That's an outcome that can be avoided with some upfront work.
  4. Drywall hanging - simply put, we don't cut corners or do sloppy work.  Our methods are industry standard, we use quality material, and our workmanship is something we are proud of.  When it comes to measuring, gluing, hanging, screwing and cutting, it's just like second nature to us.
  5. Taping the seams - now that the drywall has been hung and we are happy with the turnout, we begin the finishing process.  Taping the drywall seams is important so that the entire walls looks like it was only one giant piece of drywall that was designed and installed just for that wall.  The last thing you want is to be able to tell where the previous sheet of drywall ended and where the next one began.  Professionals make the entire wall look like it is just one piece of drywall.
  6. Joint compound - we'll generally go through two or maybe three coats of compound when trying to create that seamless appearance.  The first coat is to cover the drywall tape as best as possible, but the second coat (the fill coat) is where we are looking to fill in any areas or gaps we may have missed from the first application.  We'll also look to smooth out the compound and have it blend in with the sheet of drywall.  The third and final application of joint compound is the finish coat where the outcome is to no leave any tool marks.  Aside from the mismatch in coloration, there should be no indication that a compound was ever even used.  It should give off the impression that one singular piece of drywall was used when hanging up that wall or ceiling.
  7. Skim coating - gives off a professional finish and does a great job in creating a smooth and even finish to the entire job.  This "mud" is a great camouflager where uneven surfaces have become a challenge to get rid of.  From mixing the skim coat to applying the mix with a roller, once this has been applied, the hard work has been finished.  We let the skim coat dry for about 24 hours and then come back to it with an extremely fine light sander.  Once the wall has had a couple of pass-throughs, the hanging  is now done and the real fun starts - the actual painting of the drywall sheets.
  8. This is probably the stage that we enjoy most with our clients.  By this stage they have seen their previous space turn into a beautifully finished product.  This is where the homeowners get to bring out their personal flare to their home through the use of different color schemes.  Different colors can be applied to different sections of the home such as a theater room, nursery room, or a little boys/girls room.  As you can imaging, each room would have a different theme and a different color scheme.

Drywall Repair for the Suburbs Surrounding Aurora, IL

Not every project requires a complete rehab, sometimes walls get damaged from moving furniture, leaks behind the walls, accidents, unwanted pests, and many other reasons.  Whatever the case may be, we can help get your walls looking perfect again.

Here are some common reasons we get called in for repairs:

Drywall Hole Repair Drywall Patch Repair Drywall Installation
Sheetrock Repair Drywall Refinishing Drywall Crack Repair
Drywall Seam Repairs Drywall Ceiling Repair Drywall Repairs

Why Use Our Service?

We're extremely transparent and we don't take our customers for granted.  We say what we do and do what we say!  Our quotes are competitive and we stand behind our work.  Not only that, but our customers appreciate our honesty so much that their word-of-mouth recommendations to their friends and family tells us that we are doing something right.

Whether you're in need of some simple drywall repair or a complete drywall hanging and installation project, whether it's for your home, a business or commercial setting, we have the tools, the experience, and the team to take it on.