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Drywall Hanging In The Naperville Area

Drywall hanging is a straightforward process when you have the tools you need and when you know exactly what you’re doing.  It also helps to have a crew that work together and create an assembly line of sorts. This setup makes the process go by much faster and before you know it, you’ve got hung drywall in your home or business that’s ready to be painted.  At George’s Drywall and Paint, we’ve been helping both home and business owners successfully hang drywall throughout the Naperville area. We work as closely with your schedule as possible and we try our best to fit in work on a rush basis.  

But what if you’re handy around the house and you think that hanging drywall is something you can do yourself?  Well, it may be true that you’re handy and maybe you’ve even installed drywall in the past, but what we’ve found from conversations with past clients is that experience is usually limited to one project (maybe two) and it was probably a minor project.  Here are some reasons why it would be best that you outsource this project to a professional.

Reasons To Hire A Professional Drywall Contractor


Like we stated above, drywall hanging is not rocket science, but to do a good job requires experience and know-how.  Just like anything else in life, to get good at a trade requires constant repetition and practice. We often go into homes where a project was started but they reached a point where either they got “stuck” and didn’t know how to proceed, or they pushed through but then realized that there were many areas that were obviously “wrong”.  Sometimes we can salvage things, but other times we have to go back a few steps.

The difference between a handyman and a professional comes through during the minor details.  When things get tricky or when it comes time to cut out a window or door, will you know what to do?


Is it worth it to you to purchase tools for just one project?  Contractors purchase tools over the course of years and some they use frequently and others get used once, if at all.  If these tools are something you can see yourself using multiple times then it may be worth the investment, but be honest with yourself and ask if this tool is a one time thing or not?


You might be thinking that you can cut costs on this project if you just do the work yourself, hanging drywall on your own is tricky and frustrating so at very least you’d need some help from a friend or family member, but now you’ve taken up two people’s time and that gets messy.

Inexperience is very costly when it comes to time as well, you’ll find yourself taking much longer to get the simple tasks done.  After multiple youtube videos and trips to home depot, you’ve now lost half a day on something that should have only taken 30 minutes to do.

Your time could have been better spent in other areas where you can make more money.  Opportunity cost is a real thing and instead of drywall hanging yourself, you could have had someone do the work for you while you profit somewhere else.

In the long run, we find that letting the experts do what they do best is cheaper in the long run than trying to do everything on your own.  It maximizes efficiencies of scale and reduces upfront costs.


Getting away with choppy drywall repair in a closet is much different than a complete drywall installation project on the main floor.  If you screw up a couple of things in the closet it won’t be as noticeable, but your wife may not be as forgiving if you give her the same results by her brand new kitchen!

Miscalculating cuts and having cutouts for windows and doors that just don’t align are big mistakes. Maybe you have screws popping out because the sheets of drywall were improperly hung.  Is the drywall wavy or uneven? There are things that can occur with a poor installation job and these are definitely not things you want to see after you’ve spent many weekends scratching your head and pulling out your hair.

In the end, it’s best that you have the pros get in, do the job right, and get out.  You’ll be happy that you did.

So Why Hire Us For Your Drywall Hanging Project?

Well the real reason would be for all of the topics mentioned above.  Not only are we professionals who focus on drywall and painting, but we have a crew who understands how the process works and we work in unison to get your job done efficiently and properly.

We carry all the right tools to complete the job the right way and you won’t find us taking trips in the middle of a work day to Home Depot to purchase a new tool or ask the pro desk how to complete a job.

We’ll take the time to understand what you’re looking to accomplish and then we’ll get right to work.  We are a punctual crew and when we give estimates on how long it will take to complete the job, we work to meet that deadline.  We’re not like other drywall hangers in Naperville who give you a loose timeline of when you can expect the project to be completed, we know you don’t have time to wait around for us, and frankly we don’t have time to play games either.

Give us a call today for an estimate, you’ll be happy with our service!