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Exterior Painting

Whether your home or business needs painting on the inside or outside, we are here to help you with your projects.  Exterior painting is a different animal than painting the inside of your home and we've been doing it very well for our clients.  Most of our exterior painting work is located in the Aurora area, but we'll travel to most suburbs where our clients need us.

Whether you have a small or large project, let us help you in picking out the right colors and getting the job done right!

Since exterior painting is more labor intensive than interior painting is, we put attention to details on different areas of the job.  For every exterior painting project we do, here is how we go about doing a professional job and getting you the results you want:

Pressure Washing the Walls

This is a very important step because we need to leave the walls with as little residue, debris, and mildew as possible before applying any paint.  The more that is left over, the less the new paint will take and the worse the job will turn out to be.

We start the pressure washing from the top of the wall going down and ensure that we take our time.  It's important to have paint chips, spider webs and any other caked on leaves wash off completely.

Fill Any Damaged Surfaces

Once the pressure wash has been successfully completed we'll wait for it to dry and then walk the perimeter of the house, or building, taking note of any damaged surfaces such as brick, metal, siding, stone, stucco or wood and apply an epoxy filler to any cracks or holes.

Allowing time for the epoxy to dry, we'll then walk around the perimeter again and sand down the areas with a sanding block so that it leaves behind a smooth finish.

Loose Paint Removal

Just in case we weren't able to get all the chipped paint and debris off with the pressure washer, we'll make one last walk around the house or building and remove chips of paint off with a paint scraper.

With enough elbow grease, the paint will come off giving us the opportunity to sand it down so that it's flush with the rest of the surface.


A proper exterior paint job will caulk gaps between the house and trim, mainly around the windows and doors.  If your home or building has both vinyl siding and brick then we'll make sure to caulk where those materials meet as well.

This will prevent more moisture from entering the opening and creating a wider gap between the two materials.  If not properly addressed, the two materials can eventually warp and rot from the excessive moisture.  Not only that, but you can experience noticeable drafts and if the problem persists for too long you can have large insects and rodents enter your space very easily.

Wood Nots

These are visible circular stains where the nots of the wood have penetrated through the paint.  We take care of this by applying a coat of stain blocking primer to the area.  This should take care of the issue and last for a few years to come.

Wrap the Doors, Windows and Lights

Just like we do with our interior painting projects, all lights, lamp fixtures, and doors get wrapped so that unwanted paint doesn't splatter or spill on them.

We feel strongly about doing things the right way and we don't like to deliver an end product that is supposed to look like a professional did it, but instead looks like a grade schooler did it.

The Exterior Painting

All of the prep work has been taken care of up until this point and now we can begin the exterior painting.  This is where you'll start to see the job coming together.

Whether you are going from a darker color to a lighter color, or a lighter color to a darker color, we recommend using a primer to make sure the new color adheres to the material and doesn't accidentally show any of the underlying color.  The only time it is unnecessary to use a primer is if you are applying a fresh coat of the existing color paint.

Painting Around Trim and Doors

The final step is to remove the wrapping that was purposely placed around the trim, doors and light fixtures and carefully and meticulously paint those with a paint brush.  We are careful not to paint everything, only the areas that are accents or that have been previously agreed to.

Final Step: Give Us A Call

Call us to schedule a free estimate for your project, we will schedule a time that is convenient for you and we can start in as little as a day (weather permitting).

Areas We Serve

Most of our clients come out of Aurora, but we are happy to provide service throughout the surrounding suburbs including the following cities:

Elgin Naperville
Wheaton Bolingbrook Orland Park
Joliet Carol Stream Downers Grove
Lombard Romeoville Oak Lawn
Yorkville St. Charles La Grange